ROCK Sailing RYA Fast Track Course Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will there be on the yacht?

The maximum to each boat for RYA courses and skills weeks is five students. For milebuilders, more crew means longer rest periods with a maximum number of whatever the yacht is commercially coded to take.

What is included?

All course fees, license fees, accommodation for 14 weeks, log books, course books, bedding , fuel , gas and mooring fees. A weekly food allowance is provided for you to victual the boat as part of your training.

How experienced are the instructors?

We have some of the most experienced and long standing instructors in Gibraltar. Many of them are former students so know exactly what it takes to qualify for a Yachtmaster Offshore certificate.

Are there exams?

Yes, you will be tested at the end of both theory courses and the VHF Radio course by sitting formal RYA papers. The Yachtmaster Offshore exam is a practical exam conducted by an independent RYA examiner at the end of your course.

How far do we sail and where?

Numerous places, for example the Atlantic coast of Spain, the Costa del Sol, the Portuguese Algarve and the Moroccan coast. Over 2500 miles, with over 55 different ports and anchorages.

Do I have to cook any meals?

Yes, it is all part of the course. You will learn how to victual a yacht on a budget with the right mix of fresh and preserved produce for the length of your time at sea. Everyone takes a turn at shopping, cooking and washing up as well as keeping the yacht clean and tidy. Ship shape and Bristol fashion!

Can this course be regarded as a holiday?

Whilst there may be some quiet times on long trips, there will always be jobs to do. Boat maintenance is a requirement at all times and when that is done, you always have your studies to do. The Yachtmaster qualification requires a fully rounded individual who is capable of coping with just about any situation confidently. That being said, there is always time to have fun. Usually the courses are a balanced mix of having a great time with unforgettable moments and a professional attitude towards safety, responsibility and learning.

What gear do I need to buy?

All you need is a sun hat, deck shoes, good sunglasses and normal, lightweight clothes (to cover all weathers including tropical).

What career opportunities are possible once I attain my Yachtmaster certificate?

We have former students who have become instructors, a few of whom run their own schools. The Superyacht industry has beckoned for many of our students. Many are now flotilla skippers in the Med or the Caribbean.

Why ROCK Sailing Professional Sail Training?

We have a great track record for first attempt Yachtmaster passes. We really put ourselves out to make sure you get top quality skippers and well maintained yachts. The more you put in, the harder we work to make you top sailors. Every student is important to us, so we take good care of you and provide the best tuition.