RYA VHF Radio course in Gibraltar and Spain

Complete the RYA VHF Radio course in Gibraltar and Spain

The aim of this course is to provide the student with the confidence, knowledge and necessary legal documentation required to operate a marine VHF/ DSC radio.

PRICE £120 Per Person
£70 Per Person for Radio Operator Certificate
Duration 1 Day, 09.00 through 18.00
Pre Course Requirements 3 hours pre course study
Course Content VHF voice procedures
Distress, urgency, safety & routine traffic
Radio requirements & regulations
Practical training sessions on simulator
Ship’s license & operator’s certificate

We will supply you with the RYA VHF Handbook before the course as you will need to do around 3 hours of pre course study. At the end of the day, there will be a one hour assessment consisting of practical radio work and a short written paper.

All RYA books and class room material supplied

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